06 February 2014 Shenzhen. Shenzhen Science Museum and more.

Today, Maydolly (our host), Peter, and I all did many things today. We initially had the goal of going to the Shenzhen Science Museum. I thought the Shenzhen Science Museum was quite nice. First, we saw a laser show in the dark in the Shenzhen Science Musuem, and then went into the actually exhibit part of the museum. The museum had many things you could interact with, and use to demonstrate certain scientific principles or ideas. The Shenzhen Science Museum was one of the nicest science museums that I have been to in a long time. Afterwards, we shopped at a local Aeon (previously known as Jusco). I had some very delicious bread in a bakery inside of Aeon. We wandered around more places in the local area after wandering around Aeon. For dinner,we ate some delicious noodles for only 6 RMB for each serving at a very small restaurant, and then ate some street food. We ate fried tofu and fried potatoes, and then ate some pineapple slices. Afterwards, we went shopping in very large market called 人人乐, and then went back to Maydolly’s apartment.

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