10 February 2014 Floating restaurant and night market in Hong Kong

Peter and I checked out of our hostel today, and met our Couchsurfing host Kenneth. Kenneth is a very cool guy. He is originally from Hong Kong, but grew up in Canada, and came back to Hong Kong for his work. We met Kenneth in the afternoon, and soon after going to his apartment, he took us to a floating restaurant in Hong Kong, which I thought was pretty amazing. We took a small boat from a pier to the restaurant. It was probably the first floating restaurant that doesn’t also double as a boat because I have been on cruise ships before with restaurants on them. Some of the food on the floating restaurant was very expensive, but we managed to order food that was reasonably priced. Later we got pictures in an area that looks like a thrown. At night, I walked around one of the night markets in Temple street. I do love how it is relatively easy to spot fakes in markets in Hong Kong. I saw a few pairs of underwear for the untrained eye looked like Calvin Klein underwear, but a careful inspection shows that they were actually Calven Kiein underwear.

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