11 February 2014 The Peak, Avenue of Stars, and Chung King Mansions in Hong Kong

Peter and I went to several places today. First we went to The Peak (山頂). The Peak is one of the most famous places in Hong Kong. It is one of the tallest places on Hong Kong Island, and is the place where some of the richest people in Hong Kong live. We took a tram from somewhere close to the Central MRT station to the Peak area. Later, we went to the Avenue of Stars, a place to see statues and handprints of very famous actors like and directors from Hong Kong. You can see handprints or statues of famous stars such as Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. Later, we had some great ice cream from an ice cream truck. At the end of the day, I had a delicious dinner at a Pakistani restaurant in a famous building in Hong Kong called Chung King Mansions.

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