19 February 2014 Sun Yat-sen Museum

The agenda for today was simple. Because today was Wednesday, and most museums in Hong Kong are free on Wednesdays, I wanted to visit a museum. I decided to visit Sun Yat-sen Museum. Finding the Sun Yat-sen museum was not extremely difficult, but did require a little bit of effort,  and using the GPS on my phone. Sun Yat-sen 孫中山 was the man who in 1911 led the overthrow Qing Dynasty and started the Republic of China. A good link to learn about him more is here. Randomly, I I tried a new brand of chips which I thought were quite delicious. They are called Calbee BBQ flavoured potato chips. Calbee is a Japanese company. I put a picture of them in this post. After going to the museum, I had a nice dinner at a pizzeria.

IMG_20140219_004909 IMG_20140219_152749 IMG_20140219_154134 IMG_20140219_155909 IMG_20140219_155918 IMG_20140219_160916 IMG_20140219_160940 IMG_20140219_161008 IMG_20140219_161945 IMG_20140219_164940 IMG_20140219_170047 IMG_20140219_212547

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