24 February 2014 The Day That I left Hong Kong To Go Back To Mainland China, And Going to Wuchang

It was both a happy and a sad day today. It was a sad day because I left Hong Kong. It was a happy day because I would be going back to visit friends in Mainland China. The biggest events of today were crossing the border from Hong Kong to Mainland China, and taking my train from Shenzhen to Wuchang. I went back to a small restaurant by the Hong Kong Central library for breakfast. I posted pictures of my breakfast. I did some grocery shopping in Hong Kong right before going back across the border. I bought some Hong Kong Qoo (something I can’t buy in Mainland China). I posted a picture of Qoo. I had to make sure that I arrived in China before my train for Wuchang left, so I had to make sure that I didn’t leave Hong Kong at the last minute. Crossing the border from Hong Kong to Shenzhen was quite easy. I took the subway from Causeway Bay all the way up to the border. Once I arrived in Mainland China, I had my lunch in the McDonald’s right in the area across the border I also saw a small fight that seemed to draw quite a lot of attention.. My train for Wuchang left at 18:15 from Shenzhen Station. It was very leaving from Shenzhen Station which was literally right across the border from Hong Kong, and it was very easy to find. I didn’t have take the Shenzhen Metro to get to the station. I had a top hard sleeper bed for my trip from Shenzhen to Wuchang (a part of Wuhan). Soon upon arriving in the train, I had to exchange my train ticket for a plastic card that allowed me to further stay in my bed. It was supposed to leave at 18:15, and arrive in Wuchang the next day at 06:19 AM. My train left almost exactly on time. The dinner on the train was ok, and I posted a picture of it. I got a little bit of sleep on my trip to Wuchang.

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