25 February 2014 My First Day In Wuhan

I arrived in Wuhan at the Wuchang Train Station around 6:15 AM via slow train. I had breakfast at 真功夫this morning. Today, I essentially took the whole day off after arriving in my hostel. I arrived in my hostel maybe around 10 AM. The main problem was that navigating the city in the rain and with bad directions was very difficult. It was also very difficult that the LED billboards on the buses didn’t say which was the next stop. It would speak it verbally, but the LED billboards were only for ads, not actually for telling people the next stops, which I found quite annoying. Although, I can read some Chinese, having a billboard that just piped ads did me no good. I was very lucky that I had the Baidu Maps app, 百度地图. If I didn’t have access to mobile Internet, it would have been very difficult to find my hostel on my own. I probably would have had to have taken a taxi, and of course I would have risked possibly being ripped off. So after 10 AM, I slept for many hours in my hostel. I was very lucky that in my room after 11 AM or so, there was no one in my room for several hours, so I got many hours of sleep. Part of the reason I took the day was because I had been travelling for almost a full month, and just needed a day off. In addition, my knee injury was hurting me quite a bit, so I decided to rest my knee for the day. Near the end of the day, I met a guy in my hostel with whom I would travel tomorrow.

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