26 February 2014 Wuhan University and More (Part 1)

This was my first day of travelling in Wuhan. In the Morning, I had some 热干面 re gan mian, which is a famous food from Wuhan. I went to Wuhan University. I went to Wuhan University with 许文君and 陈俊颖 whose English name is Rain. Both people I had met in my hostel just the day before. There were a very nice sakura garden (樱花园) in Wuhan University. Later, Rain and I went to a museum in Wuhan named The Wuhan Museum. I was quite impressed by the museum. There were some pottery items and metal items that were several thousand years old which amazed me. After visiting the museum, Rain and I went and saw some buildings from times when various foreign countries had concessions (租界) here. During the day, Rain and I took the Wuhan subway. I walked along the Yangtze river for a bit with Rain, and then later in the day, Rain and I visited a night market called Jianghan Road (江汉路) . The night market was very similar to others I have seen in China, but nevertheless, I did like it. Probably the highlight of the night was eating something similar to shao bing 烧饼, but it seemed to be a Wuhan speciality, which I thought was absolutely delicious. I really enjoyed my day in Wuhan today. I experienced a lot of great Wuhan culture, and had a fun time traveling with Rain, the friend I had made from my hostel. This part has pictures of 热干面 re gan mian noodles, my friends, Wuhan University, The Wuhan Museum, and the night market called Jianghan Road.

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