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15 February 2014 Day Trip in Shenzhen, Window of the World, Milk Smugglers in Shenzhen, and Coming Back to Hong Kong

The big event for today was doing a day trip to Shenzhen, and seeing The Window of The World. The Window of the World (世界之窗) in Shenzhen is a place where you can see nearly perfectly replicated famous buildings from around the world, but on a smaller scale. It is somewhat similar to Epcot in Disneyworld in the US. There was a free show that I saw in the Window of the World. I was not expecting a very good show, but was actually surprised how good it really was. I was VERY impressed by the Window of the World, and hope to go again sometime in the future. I saw some milk smugglers almost immediately upon entering Shenzhen, and as I was leaving Shenzhen to go back into Hong Kong. I never imagined that milk is a product that someone would want to smuggle, but apparently, in China, there is a big market for good quality imported milk. Coming back to Hong Kong  again felt really great!!!

DSCN0665opt DSCN0669opt DSCN0673opt DSCN0681opt DSCN0682opt DSCN0683opt DSCN0697opt DSCN0699opt DSCN0705opt DSCN0724opt DSCN0726opt DSCN0749opt DSCN0757opt DSCN0761opt DSCN0768opt DSCN0773opt DSCN0784opt DSCN0799opt DSCN0801opt DSCN0832opt DSCN0839opt DSCN0855opt DSCN0863opt DSCN0864opt IMG_20140215_180615 IMG_20140215_180658 IMG_20140215_180747 IMG_20140215_180907 IMG_20140215_180944 IMG_20140215_181146 IMG_20140215_181742 IMG_20140215_181950 IMG_20140215_182039 IMG_20140215_182449 IMG_20140215_204914 IMG_20140215_210700 IMG_20140215_212021 IMG_20140215_223857 IMG_20140215_223859 IMG_20140215_223900

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14 February 2014 Wandering Around Hong Kong

In the morning, I had a good breakfast with Kenneth. I wandered around his neighbourhood in Hong Kong for a bit afterwards, and think that I went to a library later in the day in order to get some work done. Hong Kong’s libraries are actually quite fantastic and usually have free Wi-Fi.  I included a picture of people on the train in the metro in this post to show how busy the Hong Kong MTR can often get.

IMG_20140214_145110 IMG_20140214_145729 IMG_20140214_145739 IMG_20140214_152133 IMG_20140214_153609 IMG_20140214_153612 IMG_20140214_154018 IMG_20140214_154201 IMG_20140214_154204 IMG_20140214_154244 IMG_20140214_154349 IMG_20140214_154356 IMG_20140214_162917 IMG_20140214_175723

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13 February 2014 Friend leaves for China and Dragonball Z Coke Zero in Hong Kong

I didn’t do much today. Today was the day that Peter went back to China. I stayed in Hong Kong though. Today my knee was hurting, so I slept a bit today. One cool thing that I saw was a series Dragonball Z coke zero cans in the grocery store inside of the Sogo in Causeway Bay.. I bought one of them with Cell on it just because I love Dragonball Z. Most of the can had writing in Japanese all over it, so I couldn’t understand it. I was expecting a very sweet drink, but got Coke Zero. I never imagined that Coca-Cola would put Coke Zero in a Dragonball Z drink, but I thought it was cool anyway.

IMG_20140213_204427 IMG_20140213_215049 IMG_20140213_215100 IMG_20140213_215127 IMG_20140213_215746 IMG_20140213_215751 IMG_20140213_215758 IMG_20140213_215834

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12 February 2014 Wednesday Museums, Horse Racing in Happy Valley, and more in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, on every Wednesday, most museums are free to attend, so today we wanted to attend a few museums. First, we had breakfast with our Couchsurfing host, Kenneth, and then Kenneth took us on a ferry from Hong Kong Island to Tsim Sha Tsui, where many of the good museums in Hong Kong are located. The museums that we saw were the Hong Kong Art Museum, and the Hong Kong Space Museum. I thought that the art museum was pretty good, but thought that the Hong Kong Space Museum was excellent. The Hong Kong Space Museum is by far the best space museum I have ever seen. One can learn quite a lot about astronomy and space by visiting the Hong Kong Space Museum. After seeing the space museum, Peter and I had dinner at a place called Cafe de Coral, and then later at night went to a place called Happy Valley Racecourse, which is a place where there is horse racing in Hong Kong. I had quite a good time in Happy Valley Racecourse, and thought that the stadium was very good. It has probably been almost two years since I have been to a horse racing place. I decided to bet, just for fun, and bet the minimum bet which was 20 HKD. I ended up winning more than 270 HKD because my horse placed much to my amazement. Later, Kenneth joined Peter and I at the racecourse, and then we went back to his apartment. There were quite a few very expensive cars right around the Happy Valley Racecourse.

DSCN0628opt DSCN0629opt DSCN0630opt DSCN0631opt DSCN0632opt DSCN0633opt DSCN0637opt DSCN0638opt DSCN0639opt DSCN0640opt DSCN0641opt DSCN0642opt DSCN0643opt DSCN0644opt DSCN0645opt DSCN0646opt DSCN0648opt DSCN0652opt DSCN0654opt DSCN0655opt DSCN0657opt DSCN0659opt DSCN0660opt DSCN0663opt IMG_20140212_134708 IMG_20140212_134710 IMG_20140212_134820 IMG_20140212_134828 IMG_20140212_134830 IMG_20140212_135022 IMG_20140212_140143 IMG_20140212_143627 IMG_20140212_143629 IMG_20140212_143632 IMG_20140212_143634 IMG_20140212_143833 IMG_20140212_143834 IMG_20140212_143837 IMG_20140212_143936 IMG_20140212_143937 IMG_20140212_144157 IMG_20140212_144207 IMG_20140212_144212 IMG_20140212_144603 IMG_20140212_144607 IMG_20140212_151712 IMG_20140212_151713 IMG_20140212_155533 IMG_20140212_160754 IMG_20140212_170836 IMG_20140212_171249 IMG_20140212_171356 IMG_20140212_172540 IMG_20140212_172907 IMG_20140212_173132 IMG_20140212_174714 IMG_20140212_175108 IMG_20140212_175114 IMG_20140212_175950 IMG_20140212_180012 IMG_20140212_180559 IMG_20140212_183657 IMG_20140212_194932 IMG_20140212_194952 IMG_20140212_194959 IMG_20140212_195037 IMG_20140212_205558 IMG_20140212_205606 IMG_20140212_205610 IMG_20140212_205708 IMG_20140212_205743 IMG_20140212_205842 IMG_20140212_205903 IMG_20140212_210528 IMG_20140212_212613 IMG_20140212_212617 IMG_20140212_212725 IMG_20140212_212923 IMG_20140212_213311 IMG_20140212_215133 IMG_20140212_224829 IMG_20140212_225148 IMG_20140212_225227 IMG_20140212_225234 IMG_20140212_235325uite a lot about astronomy and space by visiting the Hong Kong Space Museum.



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11 February 2014 The Peak, Avenue of Stars, and Chung King Mansions in Hong Kong

Peter and I went to several places today. First we went to The Peak (山頂). The Peak is one of the most famous places in Hong Kong. It is one of the tallest places on Hong Kong Island, and is the place where some of the richest people in Hong Kong live. We took a tram from somewhere close to the Central MRT station to the Peak area. Later, we went to the Avenue of Stars, a place to see statues and handprints of very famous actors like and directors from Hong Kong. You can see handprints or statues of famous stars such as Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. Later, we had some great ice cream from an ice cream truck. At the end of the day, I had a delicious dinner at a Pakistani restaurant in a famous building in Hong Kong called Chung King Mansions.

DSCN0541opt DSCN0542opt DSCN0543opt DSCN0544opt DSCN0545opt DSCN0546opt DSCN0547opt DSCN0548opt DSCN0549opt DSCN0550opt DSCN0551opt DSCN0552opt DSCN0553opt DSCN0554opt DSCN0555opt DSCN0556opt DSCN0557opt DSCN0558opt DSCN0559opt DSCN0560opt