Macau Trip Part II 03 February 2014

The first thing we did today was to go to Hac Sa Beach 黑沙灘 in Taipa, which is also known as Black Sand Beach. Black Sand Beach is one of the most beautiful scenic areas of Macau. We walked along the coast for a while in the scenic areas, and eventually passed some neighborhoods with very expensive homes. At lunch, we learned that the famous Macau egg tart was first created in the 1990 by a foreigner. I had a very delicious egg mayonnaise sandwich for lunch . Then, my friend and I saw a few temples, and other interesting historical parts of Macau within Taipa. After some time, eventually we decided to visit some casinos in the northern part of Macau. The first casino we went to, which according to a local was the first casino in Macau, was the Casino Lisboa. After that, we went to the Grand Lisboa which we thought was awesome! I taught my friend about Baccarat in one of the casinos. Eventually, we wandered around more casinos, and gambled a little bit. We went to the Diamond Casino where my friend won 100 HKD on a baccarat table. After we were too tired, we went back to Taipa to go to bed, and called it a night.

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