08 February 2014 Hong Kong

Today I bought a SIM card with unlimited data on it from my hostel. I was amazed at how truly fast mobile internet access  is in Hong Kong.  I have never experienced  such amazingly fast mobile internet access. It was advertised as nearly 1 MB per second, and I was just blown away at how fast it is. I got a sim card with a company called One2Free. I didn’t really do any touristy things today. I went to the Hong Kong Central library, and worked on the internet for several hours.  Later, Peter and I went to the Mongkok Computer Centre. I still believe that Hong Kong is one of the best places in the world to buy electronics due to Hong Kong being a bit of a capital paradise, and having very low taxes in Hong Kong.. In the evening, I went to a Korean fast food restaurant close to the Hong Kong Central Library for dinner, which I really enjoyed. As a side note, I still find it quite interesting that in Hong Kong, McDonald’s is usually cheaper than local Chinese food. It is usually the opposite in China. I don’t understand how this happens, but like it nevertheless. In this post, I have also put a picture of Qoo, my favourite drink from Singapore. There is a similar Qoo drink in Hong Kong, which I also really like.

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