07 February 2014 Shenzhen and Coming to Hong Kong

Today is the day I finally came to Hong Kong again. Peter and I ate dinner at a fast food restaurant called 真功夫 (zhen gong fu or genuine kung fu), which I thought was quite good. Going across the border was easy and efficient. I have been to Hong Kong many times, but always find it interesting that once you get to the Hong Kong checkpoint there are signs all over talking about not taking to much milk out of Hong Kong. Bringing too much milk can land you in prison for 2 years. I never thought of milk as potential contraband. I have been to Hong Kong many times. Recently, though, the Hong Kong government has criminalised taking too much milk out of Hong Kong probably mostly for crossing the border into China. I have heard that this is due to Mainland Chinese people buying up much of the milk in Hong  Kong a while back, and local Hong Kong mothers not having enough milk for their babies. So, the Hong Kong government has severely limited the amount of milk that you can take out of the country.  Upon arrival into Hong Kong, we took the MTR to get to our hostel in Mongkok. We stayed at a hostel called Dragon Hostel Hong Kong, which I really liked. Afterwards, we wandered around the neighbourhood in our area, ate dinner, and then went to bed.

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