15 February 2014 Day Trip in Shenzhen, Window of the World, Milk Smugglers in Shenzhen, and Coming Back to Hong Kong

The big event for today was doing a day trip to Shenzhen, and seeing The Window of The World. The Window of the World (世界之窗) in Shenzhen is a place where you can see nearly perfectly replicated famous buildings from around the world, but on a smaller scale. It is somewhat similar to Epcot in Disneyworld in the US. There was a free show that I saw in the Window of the World. I was not expecting a very good show, but was actually surprised how good it really was. I was VERY impressed by the Window of the World, and hope to go again sometime in the future. I saw some milk smugglers almost immediately upon entering Shenzhen, and as I was leaving Shenzhen to go back into Hong Kong. I never imagined that milk is a product that someone would want to smuggle, but apparently, in China, there is a big market for good quality imported milk. Coming back to Hong Kong  again felt really great!!!

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