14 February 2014 Wandering Around Hong Kong

In the morning, I had a good breakfast with Kenneth. I wandered around his neighbourhood in Hong Kong for a bit afterwards, and think that I went to a library later in the day in order to get some work done. Hong Kong’s libraries are actually quite fantastic and usually have free Wi-Fi.  I included a picture of people on the train in the metro in this post to show how busy the Hong Kong MTR can often get.

IMG_20140214_145110 IMG_20140214_145729 IMG_20140214_145739 IMG_20140214_152133 IMG_20140214_153609 IMG_20140214_153612 IMG_20140214_154018 IMG_20140214_154201 IMG_20140214_154204 IMG_20140214_154244 IMG_20140214_154349 IMG_20140214_154356 IMG_20140214_162917 IMG_20140214_175723

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