Macau Trip Part III 04 February 2014

Today was another fun sightseeing and casino visiting day. The main attractions that Peter and I wanted to see were The Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Monte Fort. The Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral and Monte Fort are right next to each other. We first went to Monte Fort. We stayed only for a short while in Monte Fort, but enjoyed looking around there, and taking many photos. We then walked down, and I got some photos with a statue of Matteo Ricci, a personal hero of mine. Ricci was a fascinating man who I think was kind of a super genius. He was a Jesuit priest who was an extremely well educated man and came to Macau, and later to China. He later became a true expert of the Chinese language. He was apparently able to recite Chinese Classics forwards and backwards, amazing Chinese people, and was also supposedly the first foreigner allowed to be buried in Beijing. We later went to The Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral, and they were quite nice. Although this was the probably the third time I saw them, I still think they are just as exciting as the first time that I saw them. The Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral are right in the historic center of Macau, and as a result, it was very crowed. After doing sightseeing, Peter and I decided to go spend the rest of the day going to various casinos, and wandering around the main part of Macau called Macau Peninsula. My friend Peter ended up winning more today making his total winnings in Macau around $150 HKD, and so I was quite happy for him. We decided to not get any get an accommodation tonight in order to save money, and in order to visit many different casinos. So staying up all night was quite an adventure, but fun.

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