12 February 2014 Wednesday Museums, Horse Racing in Happy Valley, and more in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, on every Wednesday, most museums are free to attend, so today we wanted to attend a few museums. First, we had breakfast with our Couchsurfing host, Kenneth, and then Kenneth took us on a ferry from Hong Kong Island to Tsim Sha Tsui, where many of the good museums in Hong Kong are located. The museums that we saw were the Hong Kong Art Museum, and the Hong Kong Space Museum. I thought that the art museum was pretty good, but thought that the Hong Kong Space Museum was excellent. The Hong Kong Space Museum is by far the best space museum I have ever seen. One can learn quite a lot about astronomy and space by visiting the Hong Kong Space Museum. After seeing the space museum, Peter and I had dinner at a place called Cafe de Coral, and then later at night went to a place called Happy Valley Racecourse, which is a place where there is horse racing in Hong Kong. I had quite a good time in Happy Valley Racecourse, and thought that the stadium was very good. It has probably been almost two years since I have been to a horse racing place. I decided to bet, just for fun, and bet the minimum bet which was 20 HKD. I ended up winning more than 270 HKD because my horse placed much to my amazement. Later, Kenneth joined Peter and I at the racecourse, and then we went back to his apartment. There were quite a few very expensive cars right around the Happy Valley Racecourse.

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