13 February 2014 Friend leaves for China and Dragonball Z Coke Zero in Hong Kong

I didn’t do much today. Today was the day that Peter went back to China. I stayed in Hong Kong though. Today my knee was hurting, so I slept a bit today. One cool thing that I saw was a series Dragonball Z coke zero cans in the grocery store inside of the Sogo in Causeway Bay.. I bought one of them with Cell on it just because I love Dragonball Z. Most of the can had writing in Japanese all over it, so I couldn’t understand it. I was expecting a very sweet drink, but got Coke Zero. I never imagined that Coca-Cola would put Coke Zero in a Dragonball Z drink, but I thought it was cool anyway.

IMG_20140213_204427 IMG_20140213_215049 IMG_20140213_215100 IMG_20140213_215127 IMG_20140213_215746 IMG_20140213_215751 IMG_20140213_215758 IMG_20140213_215834

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